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Thrust angle or 2 degrees right rudder?

I'm designing a mini Sopwith Camel by giving the mini se5 some cosmetic surgery. I plan on using the bottom 1 1/2" of the large smart water bottle. I would like to keep the whole bottom of the bottle because it looks like engine cylinders. So can I get away with using 2 degrees of right rudder? or do I have to cut the motor hole off center for the thrust angle?.... I will post the alterations after a maiden flight.


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You could put a couple of washers between the mount and one of the motor screws for thrust correction. Leaves everything structurally square and not noticeably visible for motor droop. Scale camels have offset rudders. For scale handling, a backwards prop with everything at zero offset for that torque turn effect. OR just ignore the whole thing and use rudder trim.


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Thanks I was hoping to keep the motor straight and center I was planning to draw up a mini power pod and eliminate the thrust angle.
iF you want a powerpod without side thrust just fit the firewall to the opposite end of normal as that other end has no side thrust.

To get the motor output shaft central and keep the sidethrust you mount the motor slightly off centre. (i.e. mount the motor slightly to the right side, (as viewed from the front), this allows the motor shaft to exit the engine cowl centrally.

Have fun!