Thunderbird 2

Just watching that back now, I think being obsessed with Thunderbirds as a kid is the reason why i love anything that contains hydraulics and goes, "wurrrrrrr, click"

It would be cool if they made a TB2, I don't know how it would fly with those tiny wings though, although i guess the body has a sort of airfoil profile.


Ebil Filleh Pega-Bat ^.^
Maybe a quadcopter with the 4 props going through the fuselage EDF style, and then a couple of small rear facing props on the back to propel it forward rather than "leaning" forward to fly...


Helicopter addict
I'm all for it! There are many things ft could do with tb2's pod: launch tb4, the mole, the firefly, or the big grabber, of letting a plane land on little cars like in the very first episode! :)