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Timber style landing suspension on FT Bushwacker

Just wondering if anyone has done Timber-style suspension on the FT Bushwacker. I've been looking at just buying the parts for the suspension and modifying the Bushwacker slightly to make it work. I have a tendency to land a little hard from time to time and I keep having to bed new landing gear wire. Two things are holding me back: A) I'm not sure exactly which Timber would have the right size suspension, or if I can find a way to make my own cheaply, and B) I'm not exactly sure how I would go about mounting it. Can anyone drop some insight into this?

And I apologize if this is the wrong thread from this question.


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Search for cub landing gear, you will find this has been done 101 ways. The most common is probably adding rubber bands to wire gear. Hope this helps set you on the right track.