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Timmy's Thread


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This is my thread.

Build List:
In order of priority, however the order might change depending on my mood.
  • FT Sportster (Waiting for maiden)
  • VR-3 Tree Slapper V2 (design phase)
  • VR-2 Badger (prototyping parts)
  • Thresher
  • FT Otter #2
  • FT Cruiser
My Functional Fleet:
  • FT Otter #1 (Looking to be retired)
  • Hangar's F7F (looking to retire for parts)
  • FT Arrow #2
  • Delta Ray One
  • 3 Sparrows
  • 2 TTs
  • Simple Soarer
  • FT G Pig (waiting to be refurbished)
  • 2 Mini mustangs
  • VR-3 Tree Slapper V1
  • FT MS Corsair
  • FT Bronco
Crashed Beyond Repair:
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FT Otter is definitely getting old. There is a noticeable difference in performance. If you look carefully in the corner picture you can see that the otter is a bit more brown/yellow than the F7F behind it. That's how beat up it is.
i assume that is your aileron and flaps? if so, i would keep them in line and straight. that gap you have is gonna lead to some weird flying which will change depending upon the flap position and the aileron movement.

just a htought,

me :cool:


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the one.png

The flap and ailerons are going to be next to each other not in front or behind each other.
Plus if it does lead to weird flying then it'd be fun to experiment with it.
I would like the flap to extend into where the ailerons are but the lack of airflow might lead to
the funky flying you speak of
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