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Tiny trainer derivative


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So, I made a wing for my DLG with the method of sanding the inner surfaces and glueing them together with gorilla glue (described above), but sadly the wing template was slightly wrong and it ended up under size.

So I decided to use it on the V Tail TT and build another one for my DLG with the updated template on that thread.

The main wing has been joined and cut down from 1.2m to 1.0m. I used a 13 deg dihedral template.

The dry fit looks not too bad so tomorrow I’ll glue it all together and look at the control surfaces.

5A0A4C8C-6C84-4D45-B873-526EE88F736A.jpeg 26D7C79C-66BC-48F5-A398-03F0FB713EF9.jpeg
@flyboa - The 1.0m V tail TT is taking shape while I rebuild the 1.2m DLG wing with the corrected chord - the throwing peg is in so I can try a discus launch and/or some sloping - I expect this to be about 200g with servos, battery and Rx - about the weight, should a sloper be heavier than a DLG, or put another way, can a DLG slope??
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Fitted the elevator servo under the wing up the front of the TT - as it is a bank and yank setup, I made a Y tail assembly on the push rod to join both elevators to the one pushrod - seems to be OK!

Ran out of servos to finish the Ailerons!
12.JPG 13.JPG
There are a couple of parallels now between the V tail TT and my homage to flyboa’s DLG thread. I will attempt with both of them to DLG launch 🚀 and also have a crack at soaring.

These are not the first FBs with DLG qualities, but the TT is unique in that it is 100% FB.
As I was running low on servos, I got a bit creative and Y linked the ailerons to one servo - it was a tad more complex than I imagined with fixed length pushrods, however, I got things close enough to be able to get the TT in the air - I have more than enough aileron movement that I can tone down with 'endpoint' adjustment in the Tx.

I also got some small 700mAh 3.7v lipos that can stack in a battery housing to give me 7.4v dropped through a BEC to 5v for the Rx and servos and this should be light enough of a setup for my 1.2m DLG build as well! The 1.2m DLG with have separate servos on the ailerons to enable differential and/or flaps.

IMG_5858.JPG IMG_5860.JPG IMG_5862.JPG IMG_5861.JPG
It is a hard business to save weight without getting some more gear - with two small servos and pushrod wires the fuse weight crept up to 185g from 155g and the radio gear, BEC, and batteries add another 75g for an AUW of 260g.

All going well this time I can get a smaller Rx and battery to save more weight!

7BD4A956-327C-4AA6-B320-D2F674E905BF.jpeg 8279BE02-090E-4806-81FD-E99D5631175D.jpeg
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