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Tiny Trainer nose heavy on 3S?


New member
What is the proper way to balance out the tiny trainer. I got a 3S/850mah to start, not a 2S, but even with the lipo practically jammed inside, it is still quite nose heavy. What is the correct way to bring this back into balance? Weight in the rear, and if so, how?
Yeah definitely try and shift things first. If you have to add weight, add it to the furthest most point possible on the tail. Like for example, cut a small hole close to where the tail attaches and glue some weights into that hole. Weights can be actual hobby weights, washers, spare change, etc.


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A buddy of mine had similar issues. We moved the battery as far back as we could in the battery holder and it still was nose heavy. We ended up tossing the tiny trainer back and forth and deciding it wasn't near as nose heavy as we thought.

Before trying to add weight I would try tossing it back and forth to see if the plane is really nose heavy or if it just balances a little different than you thought. If it still is nose heavy a bit, you could always give a bit of up trim
Flew mine today. I have an 800mah 3 S all the way back just in front of the servos. I have to separate the nose from the fuselage rear to put the battery in, but it balances perfectly.