Tiny Trainer or Old Fogey?


I am thinking about changing my mind and build a "Old Fogey" as my trainer over the "Tiny Trainer" I have already built, I want something that is going to fly slow.
My vision is not what it used to be due to a cornea transplant in the 90's and I currently have a small tumor on my pituitary gland pushing on my optic nerve, I am essentially blind in my left eye, my depth perception is only really effected out to about 20', I don't really plan on ever building any real fast planes. I really enjoy the build having been a metal fabricator/welder for the last 35 years, but I do want to try to fly the planes I build. What would you guys do?



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Why not try both? The 3 channel tiny trainer I just built for my brother I could slow down to a speed walking pace. I was flying knee high and could literally walk with it. The trick is to build LIGHT!. Remove paper where able, use the smallest battery balance will allow. But be warned, the lighter it is the more wind will effect it.
The old Fogey is a fun plane, I had one a few years back. It was just as slow. Even with huge landing gear I could fly at a walking pace. That huge wing cord makes lots of lift. BUT, it had nasty wing rock. Any breeze at all would make it rock back and forth making it horrible to fly. I could only really fly it in dead calm weather. If you decrease the polyhedral it will solve some of the rock, but then you loose some of it self writing tendencies making turns a little hairy.
Anyway, my suggestion, try both. Since you already have the TT give it a go. If you don't like it, try the Old Fogey.
Good luck!