Tip for speed-kit builders.


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I'm sure I'm not the first to figure this out, but if you buy some foam board sheets as well as your kit, you can press out all the pieces from the speed-build kit then use the boards as stencils to mark out the sheets for another build or three. You need a thin tipped permanent marker for that or similar. That's quite handy if you plan to do a lot of crashing.

I found that you get some distortion when you print the plans on A4 paper, then tile them. I guess that depends a lot on your printer and how straight the paper passes through. Also, if you make spare parts replacements for the speed-build kit by printing from a plan, the parts do not match because you can get a scaling affect by printing. In fact I printed one plan twice, I think maybe one from the all-in-one tiles and one from the A4 tiled, and mysteriously had something like a 5% difference in size!


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Something else to remember when you use the templates - you'll need to look at any pieces that get popped out for additional parts that are cut - say, a tab hole or groove for the wing/tail.


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You have the same problem as many others. I wish there was a absolute answer to your problem. Here is what I do to minimize this, I only print one sheet at a time and make sure the paper is place correctly it the feeder. I apply a slight amount to pressure to the top and side to insure it is correctly feed. Even then you may have to make the best compromise for page alignment. Sorry missed a point in your post, always make sure that when you print that your printer or printing program is set at 100 percent.
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always make sure that when you print that your printer or printing program is set at 100 percent.

THIS. I screwed up 20 sheets of printing because it printed at 103%, and none of the registration marks lined up the way they were supposed to for me.


Good tips. I
Don’t mind shedding the 30$ for a kit and tracing it out to rebuild ten times over. I’m not patient enough for the plans and they never turn out right.
That’s a great idea. I wish I i did that with my TT. I’ll try it out on my next one. Because nobody stops at just one do they?