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TIP: Smart browsing of the Flite Test Forums


Rotor Riot!
I have been looking for a way to reach all updates to posts such as replies, new threads, etc. without having to browse through the whole forum again. The icon on each forum works, but for me it sometimes doesn't update after viewing the new post, or marks your own comments as unread. (This might be complicated to fix)

I found a nice and simple solution: Quick Links > Today's Posts.

todays posts.jpg

So to access this page you need to be on the Forum's front page. You CAN bookmark it, but NOT with this link:

http: // flitetest.com / vb / search.php ? searchid = 211

This link will be broken after a while. Instead, use this one:


I like this because I don't miss out on new comments, or possible questions. It takes updates from all the forum, not only from your subscribed threads.

I hope this helps you to save time while browsing.

(NOTE: This browsing method might become ineffective when the forum gets very populated.)