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Tips on hand catching planes?

I own a sky surfer and have been trying to hand catch in but all in vain.
Right now i try to slow it for landing and have it glide on zero power to me but most of the time it flies past me or is a little too fast.does anyone now a better way? If you have ever successfully hand caught a plane share it here.
Nails. Put a couple in the nose and on the wing with tape. That way when it hits you it will stick.

Really, it just takes a little practice and a couple planes sometimes BUT like catching a ball, once you get into the rhythm of it you can switch from ball to ball and still have the basics. It really is the reverse version of launching. Expect to make contact in front and then bring your handback with the plane slowing the whole way. you don't just hold your hand out and make it an unmovable object. Pretend you're catching an egg or waterballoon.

What really gets me is I go to catch my Nite vapor. The darn thing only goes a mile an hour I'll bring it around to me, reach out for it and when I do that my other hand seems to always steer it away from me So I get a big ole handfull of air. Top that off is I always am afraid of squishing it, so I fumble around with the catch too. But, if I land it on the grass there is a good chance my dog will catch and play with it.

But mostly, just practice. Or nails.....


Get used to the speed at which it stalls. Bring it in toward you and let it sink to about your knee level. As it approaches, slowly pull up. This will bleed speed. With practice, you can get it to nearly drop into your hand. But it takes practice!


Elemental Madness
Trick to doing it every time: Stall it.
I just stall my bixler right in front of me by slowing it down as slow as possible and then full up right before it gets to me. It will touch down gently right in your hand!
I love his locations and trying to figure out where that crazy dude is gonna catch the next one. His falling in the stream bit is THE BEST and it's great to be humble, probably cuzz the rest is so fantastic.
Can't rule out the importance of a WELL trimmed plane either....I have a bad habit of trimming my planes in such a way that they require a touch of up elevator at all times......bad habits.....planes should glide nice and true with hands off and throttle off.