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You have to decide on which is the most important characteristic to you. Scale appearance, scale dimensions or scale flying.
Unless of course you are entering scale competitions when all three are required.

My own pet hate is WW1 scale biplanes with modern 'monoplane' type wing sections. A true scale wing section is almost certainly going to need functional bracing.
The Antonov AN2 in my avatar has foam wings with no spar and relies on the rigging to stop the wings folding, just as does the full size. ;)


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Make plane forms and fuselage shapes as scale as possible but use airfoils appropriate for model size to keep good flying qualities. Scale airfoils mostly don’t work well at model sizes and speeds. Eg. Using Clark Y airfoils for model P-51 instead of authentic Laminar airfoil of full scale. The full scale was meant to conserve fuel so it can escort bombers all the way to Berlin and back. Models are meant to do banking and yanking without stalling for 10 minutes tops…