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Bipes can offer a lot of fun things. Adding a cup (glued to a stiff piece of paper) and rubber banded to the upper wing allows you to drop plastic eggs, homemade parachutes or even candy. No mechanism to build, just roll the bipe, go vertical or do a loop so it drop out. Packing it right keeps it in until you are ready to drop. No cover is needed.
It also become a bomb drop so "How close can you land it to you"? Yes, I need to amuse myself and have a goal when I fly. As the FT crew says, go have a good time and lots of fun.

Actually, it allows you to improve yourself in flying. Flying a bipe, precisely requires the rudder and throttle management with the proper addition of ailerons and elevator. Now add a gusty wind and it becomes easy the more you practice. Then I bet you that you can fly almost any plane you build.


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Speaking of, I'm working on a pair of VAS Gremlin BiPlanes.
EDIT: Added 2 pics


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3_D printed motor mount is the way to go.
Foam Cure too. Hot glue is OK but the weld that Foam Cure makes is insane.

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So my above pictured VAS Gremlin's All Up Weight came in at 5.11 oz (144.8 grams (for all you drug dealers out there)). I trhought it was pretty light. but then *Alex Gteeve said his come in at 80 Grams!!!!!
He attributed my weight to paint.
I know I went real heavy on FoamCure too.
*Alex is the creator of the VAS Gremlin.


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Back in the 70's there were a slew of home built biplane hang glider plans flying at Pt Fermin in So California. Most looked like 2 Zagis stuck together at the winglets. So take 2 flying wing kits and glue them together.

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VAS gremlin issue.
Hard crashes are hard on the nose. See pic below.

I devised a fix. Very low weight but should prove to be very strong.

(4) .040" x 2"carbon rods in the corners of the motor mount. (See pic below)

I thought the single carbon strip I installed would prevent the nose from ripping off. I installed it as one of the first steps in my build process and it did prevent me from seeing failures similar to those in videos featuring this airframe except it should have gone through the motor mount because the motor mount would still rip off even in a minor crash.

If I build this again(probably will) will only do the carbon rod x4, @ 4" long and less paint

I should probably create a separate thread for this plane....


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