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Tired of NOT being able to fly when I want

Hey everyone...if you are anything like me, you hate when you want to fly but cannot. Sorry to all you folks north of the Mason-Dixon, you must have that problem alot in the winter months due to mother nature. I am in Texas, and my only enemy weather-wise in the winter is a little more rain than usual, and a little more wind than usual. Weather is not holding me back here...

My main flying field is the school property just a couple doors down from my home. It is the size of 8 square but contiguous football fields...with one set of bleachers on the far left field (easy to miss) and a few open field goal posts (claimed only one victim in 3 years). My problem is almost always people. There is a well used track open to the public on the far left field with the bleachers, so I can live with the rest of the area easily. But it seems soccer practice, pee wee football, or some kids throwing frisbees prevents me 90% of the time, at least weekday evenings. Otherwise it is 7am on Sat/Sun and I have the place to myself for an maybe an hour...with wet grass. I am a strict believer in NOT flying near people that are not with me (and have seen my scars so they know it can be dangerous.

So just last week I waited until just past sunset and took a chance the fields would be open...and they were...because everyone was leaving due to darkness. I did lose that plane due to visibility at the far end of the flying field...and now she has battle scars to be proud of. But it gave me an idea: Fly with lights on your plane.

A bit of research and a few bucks, and my first night flier was born. I am so excited...I OWN those fields after dark.
It is a bit more challenging to fly at night, but after 3 nights straight and 2 batts per night, I am already acclimating. Full moon this week may have helped me more than I know just yet.

Anyway, I lit this plane from a no solder needed kit (I solder like a child)...but there are some really cheap options.

Still giddy,
Do you have any additional information on the kit you used?

Looks like a smaller version of the kits some of the 3d guys used on their 20%-50% airplanes.


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Nice! Try putting red on the left wing and green on the right. Then you'll be able to identify the orientation even if you can't see the profile. You can make this even better if you put a white light on top right behind the cockpit. You won't be able to see if if you're looking at the bottom of the plane and this final piece will really help with night flying.
I was just by my local school. After sunset, you are trespassing. I doubt I would be arrested, but I would almost certainly be expected to leave.