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Tissan Haifa Banana .049 R/C Trainer


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Hey Guys,

Well, I spent my Saturday helping my girlfriends folks move house. Turns out 15 years ago their eldest had a crack at RC. It's a basic rudder/elevator trainer. I had a chat with their eldest now 32 and he told me he never finished it, so i thought I'd fix it up convert it to electric and take him to fly it.

I know very little about the model other then Tissan Haifa were a Israeli manufacturer. In the box was the receipt, a boxed (unused) Futaba Attack - II FP -2CR (27.255Mhz) transmitter a R122JE receiver (fitted) and a pair of S3003 servos.

The box for the motor was also in there, it's a COX .049 Black Widow. The engine I'm sure would be cleaned up and used again as could the trans and receiver.

For now I've clean up the model removed all but the original yellow covering and patched up some holes. I wanna get it up in the air for as little as possible, I did a little research and a member over at RCGroups mentioned the use of a 2209 motor as a replacement.

Now this is where I need your help, The COX uses a 6x3 prop (I think) so do I stick with that? I only have 2200 3S Lipos which are too big and heavy (I think) so what would you recommend for a battery? also lost on what ESC to pick up?

I'm gonna take a drive out to Gliders UK later in the week and pick up the bits.

Should be a nice little project, what do you think? anyone heard or had one of these?




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My eyes are not what they used to be but it looks like almost a 1 meter wing span and 800 grams for weight???
100 watts per pound puts you around 175 watts of power needed.
I don't think the 2209 will be enough with a 6/3 prop. more like a 9/4 would be better I think.
With a 6/3 you will be lucky to get 100 watts of power and with a 9/4 it will be around 179 watts.
If I am not correct, someone please jump in..


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Can anyone see this? Joey is looking for some help with his conversion, and the thread had disappeared. I want to make sure that moving it didn't cause a glitch that only allows moderators to view the thread.