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todays heli flying


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i'm not the best pilot with only 6months heli experiance but I try my best, a user requested some flying video of myself so it motivated me to actualy get some footage, its not the best my girlfriend is filming, hopfuly the quality improves with time, I gave her a couple tips after we were done, but I think it shows enough to see where i'm at with helis.


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How many letters do we ge

Flying well mate! :thumbsup:

Your heli is looking well set up. I know my main heli has some poor vibrations at the moment which I am too lazy to chase and fix.



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thank you glyder, its nice to hear compliments on my flying, I didn't think I was progressing very much.

that heli has a vibe to it but its bearable, it also requires more input then should be needed to keep the tail where you want it, but again its managable, I have another heli that's more stable but it doesn't have the power this one has.

i'll have to watch your video when I get home from work, youtube is a blocked site at work.


How many letters do we ge
Mate, if you can fly around in figure 8s and safely land that's good flying. I think at 6months in I was still getting to grips with hovering.

My vid is pretty poor quality so not exciting. I was actually looking for a vid which showed my bad vibes.

As to the tail... GY401. You can pick one up cheap from some hotshot who has moved onto some $300+ FBL unit. Brilliant gyro for this sort of setup and flying level.