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Hello everyone,
Today is all about a soild bank n yank trainer i been building several times now. It is inspired by Tom Stantons built, where he used the 3d printet ribs.
That means the plane has a pusher configuration which gives it the capibility to go FPV. I always built it with taped over depron.

Flight charactaristics:
It hold its position very good once trimmed correctly. It tends to be a bit tailheavy but as long the battery is moved all the way to the front, there should be no issues

The build:
Always used a balsa wood spar (8 or 10mm) for the wing an for the two sticks going back. 3mm depron for the wing, 5mm for the vertical stabiliser and fuselage.

Fuselage: 28-30 cm
Lenght: 66 to 70 cm
Wingspan: about 95 cm
Wing cord lenght: 15cm + 3cm aileron
Either single or dual motor configuration.

Motor/s : race quad motors of any kind
Esc : 20A or 30A (use 30A)
Props: everyting from 2 to 5 inch
Servos: 4,3g or 9g (4,3g is enough tho)

I hoped you liked
See you in the next

(go trough them pictures, they are well sick 4DAD09BB-0D29-4FB3-A28B-6D270891A46F.jpeg )


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Thank for thoose nice words man!
Appreciate it!
I unfortunately can‘t tell you how it flatspins, as I don‘t have differantial trust on it. But the twin motor one rolls a bit slower than the single motor.