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too much fun flying the FUNBAT!


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i was having too much fun and ended up draining the lipo too much. =]

watch HD!
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Rotor Riot!
Cool! That was kind of like my FunBat :) My FunBat could climb straight up forever - if you could keep it tracking straight!
I did that for my first funbat, but I burnt out the motor after 4 th flight, but thoes 4 flights we're fun :applause:
Not I run a 1400kv on 3S with a 9x7 it VTO's, great plan for combat.


Propaganda machine
Amazing design, that plane. I'm sad I lost mine while diving in for an inverted pass and didn't realise I was in a blackspot (on holidays).

One of these days I'll make another one. 3800kv, you say...