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Too Much Motor?


Senior Member
Hi does anyone have any comments on using a DT750 in an Old Fogey? I feel like it might be too much motor for this slow flyer. Anybody tried it yet?
The DT750 looks like it should be suitable. Maybe a bit more power than needed. I'm flying my Old Fogey on a e-Flight park 400 and 3S 1320. It's a bit much but works very well throttled back a bit. Watch your control throws. With the extra power it's easy to get in trouble. Keep them to 1/2" each way max. and about 30% Expo. to start out. There seems to be a sweet spot as far as speed goes with this design. Too fast and it's touchy on the controls, too slow and you loose control effectiveness. Typical of under camber designs, its a handful in the wind. If you use the DT750 just make sure to keep your speed down and enjoy.
Best of luck,