Top 5 Outdoor Laser Measure to Consider in 2021


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Top 5 Outdoor Laser Measure to Consider in 2021

You can find the best outdoor laser measure for different purposes, that is whether you want indoor or outdoor laser measurers. You should consider checking out the laser distance range it can cover and the accuracy range before making your final choices. Perhaps a laser measure with multiple unit measurements will make more sense, especially for your calculations. You should also consider other factors like durability and sturdiness as these features help protect the device against mechanical and environmental accidents. The following 5 outdoor laser measures are worth considering this year.

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Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red


This is a class 2 laser measure with a power output of 1 mW. It can measure up to 330 ft. and comes with an accuracy of 1/16” which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor measurements. This device is so powerful that it can take up to 10,000 measurements before the batteries run out. The Bluetooth 4.0 technology is the fastest Bluetooth technology that facilitates the transfer of measurements to other devices which makes work on site much faster. Other features on this device include;

  • IP 54 water and dust resistant design.
  • It measures 4.57 x 1.73 x 1.02 inches in height, length, and width respectively.
  • Pythagoras function for calculating area, and other measurements
  • Operational temperature range of -10 to 50C degrees.
Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

This 195 feet range laser measure offers great value for money. It comes with lots of features, which include a backlit LCD for better visibility even in the dark, Pythagorean mode for calculating area, volume, and other things, plus a carry pouch for adequate storage and transportation.

With 2 bubbles, this laser measure offers higher accuracy than a laser measure with a single bubble. The accuracy is up to 1/16”. Another feature you will appreciate here is the ability to switch from one unit of measurement to another, just press the button and hold idownfor2seconds to switch between meters, feet, and inches.

Other features you will find here include;

  • Different operational settings including automatic shutdown, calibration, and manual data delete.
  • Memory for 30 groups of data.
  • 24 months warranty and servicing.
  • AAA batteries included.
Bosch Blaze Pro 165' Laser Distance Measure GLM165-40

With 165 fee maximum range, this laser measure may be most suitable for home and a few outdoor measurement needs. It offers an accuracy of 1/16” and it is very simple to use, simply press the push button and power it on. It is compact enough to fit into your pocket. It comes with a backlit color LCD to make it easy to read in a dark environment.

The device offers real-time default measurement which adjusts as you move closer and farther away from the target, thus maintaining its accuracy;

  • It comes with 10 measurement memories.
  • Auto square feature that automatically calculates the square footage of any confinement.
  • IP54 rated dust and water resistance design.
  • Portable body design that fits into your pocket.
DTAPE 328 Feet Digital Laser Tape Measure


This option may be your best laser tape measure for outdoor use because it offers a generous wide range of measurements. The laser measure device comes with a backlit LCD for effectively lighting up the environment in dark. Measurements can be done in meters, feet, and inches with the press of a button.

It comes with the Pythagorean mode that calculates Distance, volume, and area. A battery is included with the package and you also have a free hand strap for easy carriage. Other features you will find on this device include;

  • High accuracy of 1/16”.
  • Mute setting that allows you to switch off the laser measure when not in use.
  • It comes with an automatic shut down after 150 seconds to save power.
  • It comes with 20 data memory plus manual delete for data.
  • IP54 waterproof and dustproof body design.
  • 24-month manufacturer warranty.
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WETOLS Laser Distance Meters, 196ft M/In/Ft Laser Measure

One of the most versatile laser measures you can find around. It comes with an electronic sensor plus a mute function, with an electronic sensor helping you to find the perfect horizontal level. It is a high-precision laser that will measure within 0.25 seconds. This is a class 2 laser level with less than 1 mW power output.

It comes with a light-blocking plate to ensure that you can read measurements even in bright sunlight. The battery can measure up to 8000 times before the battery runs out. There is a Pythagorean mode that calculates area and volume. Other features you can find on this laser measure are;

  • The mute function ensures the device can be used in quiet places like libraries and classrooms.
  • Made with high-density materials and It comes with an anti-fall feature.
  • It fits perfectly in your pocket with its compact design.
  • It comes with lots of accessories, including; portable bracelet, canvas bag, and 1 user manual.
  • It comes with a 24 months manufacturer warranty.
Top Laser Measures- The Bottom Line

In the search for your indoor outdoor laser distance measurer, you need to keep in mind that laser measures are not laser levels, hence they have limited ranges and capabilities. You need to consider your personal needs before making your final decision. It is also important that you put quality above costs because you may end up buying an inferior quality product that may cost you expensively to repair and maintain.

If you ask yourself the question:
What is The Best Outdoor Laser Measure For Construction? Top Laser Measure Reviews on this page will guide you through the process of choosing the right product that will suit your personal needs. For the best results, you should consider getting more than one laser measure to find the most appropriate one for your needs.
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