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Torn between Lumenier QAV250 and QAV400, Can someone help?


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In the next month, I will be setting up a FPV and Camera rig. I had originally thought of building around the QAV250, but it isn't too much more to step up to the QAV400 and money isn't the real issue.

My primary intent is just to have a FPV rig to fly with. I'm not a hardcore racer or stunt flyer. My prorities are a great FPV experience, a stable platform from which to film with a GoPro4 Black, and have a fairly responsive rig with reasonable battery times. Working into flying stunts and racing would just be a bonus, but I'm not as concerned with that. I would like to be able to fly in reasonably tight areas (not shooting gaps or anything) and would like to do an occasional flip.

Can someone help compare the two for these aspects:
  • Stability (for filming)
  • Performance (ability to change direction and top speed)
  • Durability (I'm sure I'll crash it occasionally)
  • Battery life
  • Cost
  • Lift Performance (will it still be snappy with camera, large battery, fpv equipment, maybe gps extras
  • Tricks (flips etc.)

Any suggestions on flight controller. Have always had my idea OpenPilot CC3D. Would like GPS functionality (return to home and possibly waypoint routing)...


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For ap the qav 400 but for a bash around fun race quad qav250 me im not much of an ap guy but ive heard great reviews about the qav400 but its not going to be fast and unless you get some limiter you cant limit speed its just keep it under 100.If you want to tune naze 32 but cc3d is also a good tuning platform but if you want something out of the box no tuning then DJI i guess in one way or the other tuning is a necessity.


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How about this. I would say you need to identify exactly what you want to do with it. For flying in smaller places the 250 is the way to go, if space is not limited the 400 may be nice. You can get great video out of the 250 by putting a Runcam/GoPro/XaoMi Yi. Pretty much any camera on it and fly it around. Now if you want Aerial Photography, the type where you send the quadcopter up and and fly around without the camera moving, that requires a gimbal. Which needs a bigger platform, which in turn means the 400. All aircraft can be stable it is also how you fly. Same with battery life. If you already have the batteries than it is a concern, if you don't you get the batteries to match which quadcopter you are flying. The 250 is limited however, by the motor size and prop size you can put on it. Which limits its lifting power. In turn the 250 will generally have lower flight times than the 400. 400 size can usually fly a 9x4.7 giving it decent flight times. Also the 400 generally does not go well with flips and stunts. I am sure you can pull stunts off with it but it is not designed as well for it, especially if you choose to carry a gimbal on it.
As your request for ideas for flight controllers, you mention GPS capability which leans more towards a 400 size. You can put a GPS on a 250 but once again you are starting to load it down and somewhere it has to give, generally in flight times. Take a look a pixhawk or one of its clones. They will allow GPS functions along with waypoint mapping.
Furthermore, I would say once you start this hobby there is no turning back. So cost while starting out should be an issue, you have to realize that eventually you are going to sink all your money into it. I just dropped 140 bucks on buying a few 4S batteries for my 250. It goes quick. Any further advice feel free to contact me I will try and check back in here also to see how you are holding up.
To me it sounds like you want a FPV / AP hybrid ship and IMO FPV dose not make for good photography /videos of anything but "ripping balls" through trees or racing gates. If you want grate photos / videos you need something with a gamble and a larger platform to carry the extra heft trying to make a one and done combination craft will have loads of compromises.
Both. If you want tricks, speed, agility, and durability, then you need a 250. For nice stable video, with a long lasting battery, go for a larger quad. Larger props are usually more efficient, and allow for more thrust to lift equipment, such as a gimbal for that nice smooth video. In order to fit large props, you need a large quad.


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I owned a QAV500 and a QAV250 and I only have this advice.

If you want great aerial video QAV400, if you want unadulterated fun the QAV250 but only in Rate mode and FPV.