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Total newbie - looking for pointers


New member
Dear All,

I am very interested in getting involved in Micro RC flight. I am a high school teacher, teaching electronics and robotics, and I think this aspect of RC flight is perfect for me and my students. It'll allow us to construct on a manageable scale, with (hopefully) manageable cost, and we can fly indoors at school. I'm a committed researcher, so I'm happy to read manuals, product reviews, how-tos and build guides for hours until I understand something and have a general idea of how to progress.

My problem is that with Micro-RC, I really have no idea where to start, so I thought I'd throw myself upon your mercy and collective wisdom. Here's a few questions I've got rattling around my head that I thought would be a good place to start. Obviously, if you can think of something I've missed, please let me know!

1) I'm assuming the place to start is with the TX/RX combo. What are the go-to recommendations out there, specifically for beginners, with a suggestion for higher-spec items if it's financially worth-while? Is there one brand that's cornered the market, one TX/RX system or protocol that's worth focussing on?
2) Are there recommended plane kits (either with or without electronics) that work well indoors, are easily repairable and suitable for beginners?
3) Battery/charger recommendations?
4) Suppliers? Is there a particular supplier that deals with Micro-RC and is worth purchasing from? I'm a big fan of buying local (I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada) but know that's not always a viable option. I don't mind waiting on the mail.
5) Websites/YouTube channels to follow? Does anyone have any recommendations of builders/flyers to follow?
6) Been there - done that! Any fellow educators out there who have already pursued this idea and have any tips/tricks/recommendations for me?

I think that's enough for now! Please don't feel the need to answer everything - if you've got a single comment on a single point, I'd much appreciate your advice. I currently have NO equipment, so I'm not committed yet to any one manufacturer or system.

Thanks everyone! I'm really excited about pursuing this new passion, but am keen to "get it right" as much as possible, and not make too many mistakes.

Best wishes,


I think thats a great idea! One thing I didnt see you mention was what size you wanted to start with...the word micro covers a pretty big range these days and the size will dictate a lot of the answers to your questions. You mentioned flying indoors, gymnasium, or classroom?

Thanks for the shoutout, Ketchup :) Sorry for the late response, been busy with other hobbies.