Tough Tilt Tricopter Motor suggestions


Hi guys,

Looking for motor suggestions for my new tricopter build. I want a motor with loads of power, capable of 4s, and able to spin a commonly available quad prop(counter rotation, bolt on style etc). I've been looking around on hobbyking and can't seem to settle on one. The motors "designed" for multirotors are usually more pricey and most don't have prop data. Its like shooting into the dark.

P.S. Also bought a Talon V1 from hobbyking. Everyone seems to like the 28-26-1000kv short shafts. But I'm not sure thats enough power for me. I'd like to be able to put a GoPro, FPV system, and a big 3 or 4s battery under it. Any recommendations on that as well?

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SunnySky 2212's 980kv or maybe 2216 1100kv. Or if you have money to burn go for the T-Motors of the same size and spec.

I have some T-Motor 2212 980kv on a Titan Tri running 10" props on 4S carrying a full FPV system, GoPro and 2 axis gimbal.


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Altitude hobbies has some good motors i think and great customer service. I got the electro hub power pack from them with suppo motors with ipeaka ESC's and have been very happy with the quality and power they have.

One of the suppo motors had bad solder connections on the bullett connector , I wrote them about it and they sent me a new motor asap.


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i love my SunnySky x3108s 900kv. I run 13x5.5 on 3s, but they work great with 10-11 on 4s.