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Tower Hobbies Vista BL Assembly blunder!

Nothing like building kits and assembling ARF's at the same time. Thus my blunder and my need to surgically remove a glued (Epoxied) horizontal stab from the Vista fuselage. All started well with gluing the wing halves together with none of those sausage finger epoxy prints on the nice new shiny covering. Then disaster strikes. Had the horizontal stab centered and level laying on the flat and level hobby table. Satisfied that the results would be good, I departed the room for dinner. I returned to find a 1 and 1/4 inch rod, that had previously had a set of plans wrapped around it, had rolled under the edge of the stab and the epoxy had set. A few pics below.


Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
That's one of the big things I like about balsa planes, you can do repairs and make it as good as new with a little effort, and keep 'em flying for decades!