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Transmitter compatibility?

Hello fellow hobbyists, this may sound stupid but I am new to the whole diy multirotor thing and I was wondering if the fr sky d4r-II is compatible with Flysky FS - i6S 2.4G 6CH OSD Transmitter, I know the transmitter isn't great but I got it off a friend for free so I'm not complaining. I also have a brand new fr sky d4r-II so... Are they compatible?

Thanks for the help
For about $10 you can get a flysky Ia6b, or X6b and be good to go with your transmitter. Where are you located? Maybe someone on the forum is near enough to make a trade worthwhile.


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No. There is no easy mod. You have to solder in a FrSky DHT module. Not worth it imo. If you want to use FrSky your best value is a FrSky Q-X7 TX.

Since you have a FlySky i6S get yourself a iA6B RX....they are only $10 or $15. That supports iBus, and CPPM which you can used from the stock i6S. Later versions of the iA6B also support SBUS but the transmitter has to enable it and I'm not sure if the i6S has that feature...maybe a firmware update. But if the FC you use supports iBus you may be better using that in any case.

There are now other smaller FlySky RXs but the iA6B is a good general purpose 6 channel and possibly supports more channels via iBus.
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