Transmitter mode for FT Flyer


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Transmitter mode for FT Flyer [answered]

I started by building the FT 3D because I thought it looked super cool. (Not a good reason to build an RC plane, I've discovered.) I then proceeded to crash it into the ground, a few trees, a light post, several bushes, etc... That was all fun - and the repairs helped me understand what to improve on in the future. However, I wanted to FLY something. So I made an FT Flyer. Too bad it turned cold before I finished and the snow (four letter word) came right after the cold.

At this point I'm thinking about the control channels. When setting up the FT 3D, I know that the ailerons and the elevator shared the right stick and the rudder was on the same stick as the throttle. Keeping in mind that I want to eventually fly planes with ailerons, how should I set up the FT Flyer? Should I put the elevator and rudder on the right stick for now, or should I keep the rudder with the throttle and leave the elevator all by itself on the right stick?

TLDR: Once I become a good enough pilot, I want to fly 3D planes using mode 2. How should I set up my FT Flyer controls to prevent training scars later on?
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Personally, I'd set it up so that the rudder is on the right stick, since it is the main "turning" control you have. Opinions probably vary.


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Thanks, Ruud! I was kind of thinking that, but I wasn't sure if it would present an issue when I transition to a plane with ailerons. Your reasoning makes sense, though. At this point, I just want to get into the air!
I concur with ruud... I set up my first few 3 channel planes with rudder on the aileron channel (right stick in Mode 2). I had no trouble transitioning to my first 4 channel plane (the Simple Storch).


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Mostly Harmless, Thanks for the reply. At this point, I think I am definitely going to put the rudder with the elevator.

On an unrelated note, I am curious what you think of the Simple Storch. Would you recommend it?


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I love the Simple Storch. Very easy to fly and would a great first 4 channel plane (or 5 with flaps). All of the Rudder only planes I've built, I put the rudder on the right stick with the elevator.
I also love the Storch. A great first 4 channel plane. Flies well, even in the wind (well, a little wind -- I'm still a fair weather flyer). And fun to build, too. Plus, it has a nice "semi-scale" appearance to it. After my FT Flyer, Bloody Wonder, and Old Fogey, my friends are saying that it's the first of my models that "looks like a real plane."


Plus, it's big enough to carry a small GoPro type camera...

Unfortunately, I did not cut the throttle... the ESC went out on me. Stupid of me to try again, but it did the same thing on the second flight.