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Transmitter problems: Dxe won't connect to my phone

I just got into rc aviation and my first plane was the tiny trainer I got the starter package and the Dxe will not connect to my iPhone. I got the cord that connects to the Dxe, but when I connect the two of them the thing on the top iPhone just spins and then something pops up and says transmitter could not connect. Please power cycle transmitter. and it does that every time I connect it. Please Help!


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Hi Lambo.
I can't offer first hand experience but I do see on Horizon Hobby's website there often appears a little window offering to chat with tech support (as in this screen shot, lower left). I have used this a number of times and find it to be very helpful. You might as well.
Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.51.09 PM.png

Given time you someone here on the forum might spot your question and have better direction. Don't give up. If you hear nothing in a few days post again in this thread to help it get noticed.

Also, since you're new it would be nice to have a brief introduction. Where in the world do you fly? Are you in the hobby with family or friends? How's that Tiny Trainer buyild going?

Welcome to the forum.
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I got in to the hobby with my best friend and he got the sportster so I got the tiny trainer. We both finished our builds but his is having some trouble with electronics, but my plane fly great I try to fly every day and I keep learning as much as I can. Thank you for helping me with the problem as much as you could I think I found the reason why it didn't connect. Thank you.


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Excellent. On both points. The hobby is so much richer when shared with others.

Could you share the problem so we can all learn and be ready to help others that have the same thing happen?