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Traveling with large aircraft

I was watching some great FPV wing footage from drone nationals or some event out in Hawaii. I have flown a few times being a former resident of the great island state. How in the world are the brining a 60" flying wing on a plane? Extra large box? Giant pelican case? I have a large pelican case to transport rifles. I was curious how people are setting their stuff up so I can..... copy I mean borrow their design lol. A case large enough to house a plane and fpv monitor would be amazing. Any thoughts on flying with a plane.... lol. Pun intended.


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Greyhound doesn't work well to Hawaii ;)

In all seriousness . . . Depends.

If you're looking at a large fuselage airframe, (like a carbon-z), you're pretty much stuck with freight, Greyhound, being an excellent low-cost option in the contenetal US (pack durable, and consider using a crate)

If you're looking at something with smaller fuselages like gliders, many still pack long, but the width and diameter doesn't have to be. They ship like snowboards and skis - box them up in a hard case and under the plane they go . . . But even that will depend on the airframe -- many will have wing panels that separate and detachable tail feathers, breaking the plane down to regular luggage dimensions. Pack in a hard case and slip it under the plane.

If you're scratch/plan building such a plane (say, an FT storch or similar size), mod the design -- there are ways to make wings foldable or that break into panels, landing gear can be modified to detach, and even tails can be built to pop off the airframe. Into standard hard luggage and under the plane it goes. Each plane has its own challenges, but thats half the fun of building it yourself.


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Why not just fpv fly it there? lol...
Actually, a guy did fly an unpowered uncontroled glider 22 miles...across a channell over in the UK.
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I carried a Gamma 370 on the airplane one time wrapped in bubble wrap. That is a fairly small one though. I have also carried on my Taylor 314ce guitar, which is more the size you are talking about. Most flight attendants will let you put it in the coat closet. Small aircraft require gate checking, but bubble wrap with some hard plastic around the corners should be enough. When I carried the small airplane on, I did take the receiver and transmitter out and put them in a separate bag and split the wing halves.
All great answers but I was looking to do it with an fpv wing like the spear or a little bigger. I have a pelican gun case for long guns. Just seeing what I can fit in there I guess. Anyone ever make winglets that clip on and off?
In Articles under the Projects or How To section, there is a post showing how to build a wing so that it folds in half. Sorry, I can't recall the title of the post.