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Tri-Motor Monoplanes from 1920s and 30s + an Endurance challenge.


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Hi Guys,

I was looking around online tonight for stuff on Sir Charles Kingsford Smith's Fokker F.VIIb/3m trimotor monoplane "Southern Cross" and I came upon the following set of plans for a 1950's model of the aircraft.


As you can see by the photo below, this particular RC plane design has quite the history.


I know that Flite Test has done twin engine designs like the FT Cruiser before, though have any of you put a Tri-Motor together like the "Southern Cross"? Could such a plane also be utilised as an FPV platform?

I just thought I'd ask, as it'd be interesting to see a couple of shows based on the early glory days of aviation, where iconic aircraft like the "Southern Cross" were used for exploration. While I love the Warbirds, seeing something that predates them though is still iconic would be great to see.

Given that planes like the "Southern Cross" were used for endurance flights, it'd also be interesting to see a full-on endurance challenge about roughly the same time as a major endurance-related anniversary as well. ;)



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You are an inspiration Mindymoo.
I had to browse and found lots of trimotors at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_trimotor_aircraft
I was a Little surprised to find the last built 1964. ( I know that modern planes normally have a third motor, not for thrust but for electricity and hydraulics, aux called.)
I guess that 3 motors was mainly for reliability as thrust could normally have been obtained with 2 motors.
As for FPV you do not want any propeller in front of the camera if you can avoid it. A "3-motor" with the center motor replaced with a camera would be nice.