Tricopter David Widestal design or parts 800kv Sunny Sky, F-20a, kk2.1 etc


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Anyone interested in a tricopter? Price up for negotiation of course!

I bought this over from the UK when I moved to Canada but just don't have the time to fly it!
Also keen to break into parts if no one wants it complete.

It's a David Windestal design (formerly from Flite Test);
Body; g10 CNC body plates, carbon arms with wooden dowel inserts, delrin legs and motor mounts, folds for easy transport.
Sunnysky V2216 800KV motors
HK f-20a simonk ESC
KK2.1 Flight controller
LSavox SH-0255 metal geared tail servo

Have a bunch of Slow Fly 11x4.7 and Thin type 11x5 props and also spare carbon arms to go with it. Most wiring is black weave sleeved.

Currently has an orange RX which can be included/ excluded. Fpv & camera gear I may list separately soon.

Flew on 3s 2200 with a hover time around 11 minutes Inc fpv gear with all-up-weight of 1.1kg.

Buyer pays shipping - happy to post to USA



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If I didn't already have an over-the-top fleet and hadn't just ordered another BabyTri from David W., I would be all over this. Currently on hiatus from any acquisitions. Looks really nice!