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Tricopter motor mounting


Junior Member
Recently this was made popular by a guy whose YouTube name is tretch5000. He also goes by this handle on rcgroups. He is a very good pilot that is great at tuning FC s. The main idea was to get the "impulse" of the blade spinning over the boom supporting the motor eliminated. It does do that and is a worthy goal, but in the scope of things not the largest problem to be getting worried about. The landing gear has to be quite long to keep the blades off the ground and it would still be a pain in grass. Check out some of his videos they are quite good.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I´ve had a look at the videos and they are awesome!

You can however mount the props the "normal" way if you want to. It is up to you and how you put the frame together, both is possible without modifications (I believe)


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I am accually about to order this kit. I'll try them both ways, and post my findings on its performance. This will be my first multicopter.


Never catch a multirotor
I've noticed this delrin kit too some time ago.
Looks very nice and will deff be sturdy and will fly great.
I hesitated to order it ..

But each time when I crash my rcexplorer v2.5 and notice how cheap I can repair it or build a complete new one, I am glad I didn't buy it. Maybe when my skills are improved a lot ..


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i agree burg very nice kit but as you say skills need to improve before splashing out the cash. Also i want to try and find out how easy it is to build my own, some good info on there site though about boom length etc, well a place to start and the board cover idea, i like it i was going to build a box to house the kk/HK board i am using but i think some stand offs and aother bit od plastic now :)