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Tricopter Motor Stall


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Hi everyone! I am having some issues with my tricopter that I built recently, when I'm flying the tri one of the motors will stall for a second then come back on. It does this randomly when it's flying and has not resulted in a crash yet. The set up is David's Tricopter Design with Afro 30amp esc and DT700 motors and a kk2.1 flight board with stock firmware. Any help would be great and happy flying!


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Is it always the same motor? I'd check the connections. If it's always the same motor, swap the esc with one of the other esc's to see if you also moved the problem to a different prop. If you do, it's an esc problem.


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Have you synched your ESCs?

Seriously consider flashing your KK2.1.5 to Stevie's. The new firmwares fly much better. You have Simon K on the ESCs already and that's half way. To truly get the performance you can get out of the KK2, you want to upgrade.


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I have synced my ESCs, I will have to wait for a while because of the weather right now (raining). I will move my ESC around to see if that is the problem and while check the wiring and solder joints as well.

Update after rebuilding the tricopter I discovered that my receiver is no longer working... probably because of a crash. Have to wait for the new one to arrive and Thanks for all the help!
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Alright I have finally gotten to fly again and have done everything you guys suggested. It did seem to be a bad solder joint so thanks for that tip lynxstrife! Hope this helps anyone else that had or has this problem, and keep your planes off the ground!