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Tricopter NO lift


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HI, i built myselfe a tricopter that weigh's about 850g with everything installed. I'am running it with 1000kv motor's with 9x4.7 props.
the setup is rated to do 630g(x3=1890g) of trust with 3s battery.
I'am giving it full throttle and it is so close to lift but doesn't.



using the KK2.0.

The motor don't sound like they are running on high rpm.
I calibrated the esc via the kk2.0 as it supposed.

the esc's are making biping sounds when iam in the KK2.0 menu

So should i change props? Or mabye the esc doesnt work well with the kk2.0? Any suggestion is appreciate!
It should have heaps of power with those motors.

What battery are you using?

Do you have any stick scaling set for the throttle in the kk2.0? Or throttle curve set on your transmitter?


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The beeping is normal when in the menu, don't worry about that. Have you tried calibrating the motors one at a time in port 1 of the KK2 board?

One other easy to make mistake is putting the props on upside down. Make sure the writing on the props is on top (direction of flight on planes)

What kind of battery are you using? Should be something in the range of 3S 2200-3000mAh of at least 30c for the possible amp draw.


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I have 3s 2200mA rated 20-30c.

hmm, that reminds me, i did try to change the scaling on the transmitter for my quad. Will check that.

The props are all in the right direction. But i did not try to calibrate each Esc in slot1, will try it too.


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That bat is probably good out to 44 amps or better and should be plenty to hover with that setup. I think Green has your answer.


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still not in the air. The scaling was set to default.
When its on the ground and i push forward the rear prop seems to go twice as fast, it lifts up the rear with no propblem, but the front won't keep up. same goes the other way around.


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OK so i checked the stick scaling in the KK2 and it was on 50, but didnt think it ment 50% of throttle. But i can call it a flying Tricopter now:applause:
Thank you guys for helping:D