1st question: Is this connector good for the power?
2nd question: What is the difference between 18 AWG and 24 AWG wire? Is it better the 18 AWG wire because it's rated for higher amp?
3rd question: How do I know what wire is the positive and the negative one? Because there are the same color.
4th question: Can I plug directly my XT60 connector to it?

I know it's a lot of questions, but I really want to buy the right thing and have a better understanding about it!


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Analog to digital Servo conversion

Good Morning to the much more intelligent masses,

I've recently purchased a tricopter and am working on some upgrades. I bought bigger props, larger motor and the investment of the DX6 to control it all. I'm having a problem with the 2 front motors getting a stable and accurate pitch control and believe that it's because of the cheap, underpowered servos. I'm looking at replacing the analog with digital and have done quite a bit of research on how they are different but I have one lingering important question...

HOW. How do I change from analog outputs from the flight computer to digital ones for the new servo's? Is this hard coded into the board where I'll need to flash it and put on new software? Controlled by the DX6 where it's internal choice? or my hopeful answer of "It just works" - thanks Steve


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Hi, which flight controller do you use and with which software? Clean flight, beta flight?
In the settings you can change between digital and analog servo


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Wow. Resurrecting this ancient thread prompted me to re-watch the episode in the first post. Wow. The first KK boards (not even the 2) were new! :)


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which flight controller do you use and with which software?

It came with RTF version and i'm not to sure on the actual model of the FC, The only markings ix ZYX-m4. Google returns Tarot's ZYX-M but this looks nothing like it and has way more features then my lill guy has. There's also no data ports where I could hook it up to a computer.

I'm flying with the Spectrum DX6 controller and upgrading the RX to AR636 if that helps lol.

I'm guessing I'll be looking at the KK2?


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that's just like one that David's tricopter build, which i've watched all his different versions and realized not to be so scared about my little osprey's tricopter design. One lingering question which I have yet to ask for fear of the answer is how different/dificult is the tricopter's Flight computer to switch from drone to airplane mode? I know they can easily be programed for various motor configs but switching mid flight; changing yaw from tilting the motors to the differential thrust, pitch from the rear motor to the elevator, roll from speeding one motor to the ailerons seems like a bottleneck.