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Triple Tree Aerodrome Possible Flite Fest Future Location?


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Judging by, well, their website
I would say no. They're already busy with RC year-round, and a full-size airport when they aren't. That being said, the 2017 show hosted about 1700 pilots, which we came...I'd argue more than. There was an estimate of 2800 either pilots or attendees at this years Flite Fest, but only 1600 actually registered. Which i can only assume is due to the fact that in 4 years of attendance, i've yet to meet someone who may actually care if i put the tent pass up in my van (i bought but didnt) or was wearing my armband/badge/etc. Which is good, we've got a crowd of dedicated, honest people that are either too entertained by the fest or don't feel like showing up to the registration barn/store to do anything but pick out a metrique tonne of planes to build at show.

That being said, i'm not in the hierarchy of FT volunteers or crew, i just show up and try not to cause runway incursions, so take with a grain of salt.