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Tron Lightship(s) Design Request

Hi, first time poster here... I tend not to sign up for other forums since Reddit has basically all I need, but Flite Test was a special case!

I'd like to request the Team do a design/build of both the big and small Lightships from the Tron: Legacy motion picture film. I thought the designs were quite elegant and I'd love to see it in the air.


User sgtalon on YouTube has made and maidened the larger Lightship already, and said he'd make a kit, but that was back in 2012.


It would be harder to make the smaller Lightship in a tractor configuration because it has a dual leading tip, but it would be especially cool to see both pusher/tractor configurations for both planes. Perhaps the smaller one could be a dual prop, but the scale of the plane or the prop size would need to change.




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Howdy and welcome to the forum. That's a cool design. Have you tried building anything? Maybe you yourself would be a good candidate for this one because of your interest. Tell us a bit about yourself if you don't mind as a brief introduction.

Hi Jim, and thanks.

I would not be a good candidate to build these... I have never flown a day of RC. I just love watching Flite Test that much, and I only discovered them about 2 months ago.

I have degrees in Physics and Architecture, so I consider myself a capable designer and builder, just not in this capacity yet. I'm a sailor and I have experience with boat design and building, and that transferred my design interests toward aircraft too. I love the design discussion episodes the most.

I am just not healthy enough to do it on my own, and I'm also lacking the time and money. I hope to get a couple kits from the website sometime in the future because I think my dad and I would have a great time building and flying together.



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Hey Staudusaur!
Welcome first and foremost to the wonderful world of the FORUMS! ;)
I am also super glad to see that even though you have never flown, you still love watching the episodes! Thanks for being a part of it with us! You will come to find that this place has SO MUCH knowledge and information for anyone and everyone who may have an interest in building, flying or chatting anything Aviation RC!!

We hope to see you more often around here and keep on learning because building and flying the foamies/quads is SO AWESOME! ;) Nothing like it!

Hi Stefan, and thank you!

Keep up the great work and awesome content - I love it. Just to repeat: I really like the scratch build and design episodes! It's great to see you guys go through the design process and solve the problems.

Even some of the ridiculous planes like the toaster plane and Josh's flying sled actually had some very beautiful lines, and are a testament to your skills.