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Trottel 800mm Wingspan

I decided to build a 800mm wingspan Trottel out of MPF. The original thread for the Trottel can be found at https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/sho...-and-versatile-aerobatic-3D-machine-free-plan.

My original sized Trottel was built at Flite Fest in 2017. After two years of flying my original Trottel last year, 2019, it went in after the aileron servo quit working mid turn. This time I have decided to scale it up so the wing is 800mm. The fuselage size was adjusted some. I also adjusted the lines of the tail feathers slightly.
The original build was posted in post 29. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...5&postcount=29

My original size Trottel at Flite Fest Ohio 2017

01 Trottel 800mm MPF Sheet.jpg
Here is a picture of the MPF sheet after being cutout with my MPCNC needle cutter.
Here is a picture of the main plate of the wing being weighed down while the gluing a 5mm X 1mm Carbon Spar and Balsa dowel leading edge on with White Gorilla Glue.

03 Trottel 800mm Gluing Carbon Fiber And Balsa Dowel To Leading Edge.jpg
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