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Trouble getting started with Gremlin

I received my Gremlin which FT built and successfully bound it to my Spektrum DX6e receiver, however, it doesn't fly. When I plug in the battery, the led's come on but it just sits there with no response to the throttle. Blue leds are on steady and reds flash.

This is my first quad after 6 months of flying a BNF Inductrix FPV.

I must be missing something obvious to more experienced fliers. Any assistance in getting in the air would be appreciated.




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It’s likely a throttle issue. Betaflight is designed to not arm unless the throttle signal registers close to a 1000 signal on the throttle (bottom of the range). My understanding is that Spektrum doesn’t go down that low, so you need to change the settings in the radio to get it what betaflight is looking for.

Hopefully, one of the Spektrum pilots in here can walk you through the process. I recall that you need to add a weighting of 147% from other threads.

Additionally, we (the forum) should probably suggest to Josh, TJ, and crew that including brief instructions for setting up a prebuilt Spektrum gremlins could be beneficial.
Thanks. I agree with your suggestion. First thing I did was check the faq’s for a “Getting started with your new Gremlin” post.

As my wife said, “A lot of grown men are going to be crying at Christmas”.

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