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I am need of module for my Trunigy 9xr receiver and was giving 4 spektrum receivers dms2 I believe. But I have no clue what a module would work with it. Please be patient with me I am new to RC air frames. I got a slow-poke sport 40 and Nexstar airplane both of which I have not flown personal. I have got with local club who will be teaching my family and I how to fly.


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There are several options from most legal in increasing legal dubiousity from an FCC certification point of view. The Orange and the Banggood 4in1 are probably equal in that. The 4 in 1 is probably the best option apart from that. I would not recommend any of these for flying anything big or dangerous.

1. Spektrum DM-9 - DSM2 only have to buy it with a receiver so it is very expensive
2. DIY module made from a sacrificial DX4e,5e,6i (getting difficult to find for reasonable prices) or for short range MLP4DSM and parts. Requires soldering.
3. Orange V1.2 or Switchable DSM(X) module from HobbyKing. For BNF UMX integrated models the only work if you use DSM2 22ms mode. They aparently work ok with standalone DSM2/DSMX receivers. Can be flashed with MULTI protocol firmware for better results.
4. MULTI protocol module (aka 4 in 1) now implemented by iRangeX and sold by Banggood. May have to flash it to get DSMX support.
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The Irangex 4in1 supports dsmx out of the box, along with a bunch of other dsm protocols, and both Flysky protocols. We just put one in our club 9xr. In order to use it the 9xr needs to be flashed to a recent version of er9x, but once that's done you set the protocol in the model setup. Super easy.


If your firmware is the Turnigy version it probably doesn't have the support for the multi protocol module. You need a recent release of the official er9x firmware.


when I turn it on er9x on the screen

If I recall the original FW says Turnigy, so if it only says Er9X it's a good bet that it has been flashed to the official version. You should be able to find a menu listing that tells you the FW version. The current version is 821, and again I'm not sure when the muliti-protocol support was added, but if you have something fairly recent it's a good bet. If you end up needing to update the firmware it is cheap enough to buy a USBASP programmer with the 10 to 6pin adapter. It only takes a few minutes to do the update.