Trying to fixing a busted motor


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So i built a kwad about a a year ago but i never really got around to learning to flying it. I happened to find it on the shelf the other day and i thought i should try flying it so i charged up my batteries, went out side, connected my fpv goggles, all that stuff. When i actually tried throttling up, i heard a horrible ringing noise and found that the motor was vibrating badly. When i took it back inside and did some further inspection i found that the shaft was a bitt loose and sliding from the rotor (the stator as well, but not as much). I decided to pull it apart (just out of curiousity). the simplest fix i found online says i should just use some super glue to secure the rotor and shaft together. obv this same fix wont work for the stator as the glue will end up binding the bearings. does anyone know how i would make the shaft sit firmly in the bearings on the stator without sliding?


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There are 2 types of fasteners used, the first is called an E clip, the second is a wheal collar. Not sure which your motor uses.

The E clip sits in a grove cut into the motor shaft. The wheal collar uses a set screws to hold the shaft


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