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Help! Tuff 152

The UMX Radian flys on 1s I believe.
yup, its on the list of "maybe one day when I am bored". Main reason it has been relegated to that list is because it is only 3ch. I am trying to stick mainly to 4ch with working ailerons. Admittedly the Radian is in the middle ground and a bit higher up on my list than other 3ch because it can more or less double as a glider, and I like wind soaring.

Right now my short list is the PT-17, T-28, and possibly one of those 1S DC-3's. Depending on if my new controller will have the protocol to support it there is also a WW1 biplane (cant remember model) at my local shop thats not on spectrum that I might try. Cant really find any others.

What about this Tuff 152? Is that full control or 3ch?