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Tuff Wing or Parkjet 2?

This will be my first flying wing. I plan on buying a turnigy 9x transmitter but I am still not sure will plane to buy. The tuff wing is more expensive, but is it a more versatile airplane? Please help me.
First wing you say?

Having owned an original parkjet my gut says go with the TuffWing (plus its a Texas company). That being said, I'm not sure either of these would make for good first wings. Both unbelievably fast if your not used to speed and very easy to lose up from down at full throttle.

Advise you look into the tek sumo or popwing models.
Its my first wing but I have flown other planes. I was thinking about the teksumo, but the lack of exact components to buy and the design flaws (servos on the bottom, unspecified dimensions of the open battery hatch) have led me away from it.
TuffWing more of a proper flying wing. In that category or "tailless delta" like the Parkjet....you also have the Radjet, Skyfun, Funjet and Stryker. IMO they are all fairly comparable although some will claim one is vastly better than the other and so on and so forth. Keep in mind there are pretty noticeable handling characteristics that differ from a basic "flying wing" vs tailless delta.

Mike oxbig

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Most versatile wing I've flown IMHO is the teksumo from hk. Mine has been set up as a powered glider to catch thermals, a flat out 100mph +screamer on 5, a cheap fpv rig! and now finally a 50 mph night flyer.

The current setup is light, fast, and efficient. It's running a park 370 outrunner on 3s with a 1500mah pack. At full throttle I get 50 mph flat and level on my Doppler app and 5 mins of flight time, ease back the throttle and it will come in so slow you can catch it out of the air. I can run 30mins at slow speed. At night I run hk red fiber optic cold light strings on the bottom and LEDs on the top. It's a real UFO that gets the neighborhood kids going.

Bar none the best do all plane I have.