Solved Turbo Prop?

My first build is a Guinea Pig Variant from kit. This left me thinking, which I know is dangerous. "My Excuse? The moon was full, and I was left unattended."
Modern and even some with a few... air miles under their wings... are Turbo-Prop. But as a model with an Electric motor, how would you guess?
Cheap plastic sirens. I'm going to build an air scoop for the bottom of my swappable power pods, then either on top of my ESC or just in front of it mount one of those silly cheap siren whistles. This way as the prop spins quicker, more air into the scoop and... Voila! Turbo Prop Jet Whine!


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That reminds me of the Bazooka Joe club that you could join if you bought Bazooka bubblegum back in the '60s. When you joined the club, they gave you a ring with a siren in it to use as a secret call to other club members. No matter howmany times I blew that siren, I never got a reply.

Now that the Bazooka Joe club has gone, you could try making a miniature one of these:


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i tried this with a larger 3D printed whistle to get my F4 corsair to become the "whistling death" on a steep dive, but alas it never was able to get enough airflow to make it work.

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I got a bag of 24 of the cheap tube sirens from Amazon. The lady of the house ordered those air spray makeup gun units... the first one had... issues. they sent a second one, and I got the first one. Cleaned it out, now it works, but remember for makeup, so very low pressure. I'll use that to test the sirens and pick the best to try.
If nothing else I can mount it in the rear of the nacelle and let the air be sucked out as it flies, and it will look like the exhaust port!


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I'm working from a very old memory here, but didn't the Stuka's have little props on the landing gear struts to make them "scream" as they dived? Seems like I remember reading that somewhere.


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On your ground crew? "Iva Okays," Probably not. Tipples a bit, if you know what I mean. B. Lind? Doesn't like her full name used. She's awesome at checking the plane by hand though.
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Noc Lue. Yeah, no. He was on one of my ground crews, and it would have been bad if not for Sav Theday.
Clench Buttocks, he is... a nervous sort. LOL! And then there is Bulb Bright-light, our electrician, Bre'an D'mage our tow operator, and the rest of our ground crew... the Fugly brothers, Fow, Moe, D'am. Nice family. Works best on night shift... in the dark.


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Being in the service did they date the Palmer sisters too?

I remember these two fat boswains Woody Swing and Howdie Sway. Always trippin and bumpin into each other for some reason.

We had an mp on board who always had a football pool running. Think his name was Dickie. Yup. Dickie Betts strange dude from Arkasas. Had a partner who Is Stan Bull if I recall.


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Oh, and we got Fall Over (poorly named child of the Swing and Sway families, married into the Overs). She's not flight material. She works on a cruise ship. From my last contact, she's supervised by a Weeble. Another Ima. Ima Weeble. From what she says, he's a Weeble and he never falls down.
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