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Turnigy 2S 3S Balance Charger - Direct 110/240v Input


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Turnigy 2S 3S Balance Charger. Direct 110/240v Input​


Extremely easy to use and reliable.
The TGY-3 Balance charger from Turnigy makes charging 2 or 3S lipos from your 110v or 240v mains power supply a simple task!
China is flooded with cheap chargers made from unknown manufacturers, giving inconsistent results. Rest assured this product is reliable, includes warranty and comes with the correct documentation.

Input: 110v or 240v A/C (50/60Hz)
Output: 650mA per cell
CE, FCC Certified.


Could anyone tell me if this will be everything I need for my 1300mAh 20-30C LiPo?
What if I plug a fully charged battery into the charger?
What if I plug a partially charged battery into the charger?
What if I interrupt a charge?

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You will be much happier if you choose a multicharger with a display where you directly can see the status of the battery yyou are connecting. With a Multi you will be able to charge any chargable battery but the big ones requiring many amps and high voltage. Your TX, your RX-battery - even your phone if the original charger brakes.

You can connect anything to this charger you are asking about - that is fully charged, patially charged and you can interrupt but you will only see the fully charget status on i diode.


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Well, thats a long manual! Probably the best one I´ve ever seen as well :D

Anyway. Yeah you be able to because the charger will just follow its normal program which is porbably just sayin:
"Charge until fully charged" and "balance the cells"
So if it gets interrupted there is no battery to charge and it won´t do anything anymore.
And with a partially charged it will go through that and with the full one it´ll tell yeah "hey colorex! Go fly your Bixler :D"
Hi guys! First post here in the Flitetest forums.

I've been using an older Triton Electrifly charger (not version 2, the one before that) that has me constantly popping my hood to get at my car battery :(

My fleet of planes at this point only use 3s or 2s lipos, max is 2200mah.

I've been hemming and hawing on buying this indoor charger ever since it was featured on the show's December "Cool Products".

Would it make sense to have this unit, or buy an Accucel 6 with a power supply? The power supply is the part that messes me up... don't know which would be appropriate.

Thanks for any advice.


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Thanks Anas, I'll see. I think HK ships the LiPos charged, so no need for a charge right now.

They will be charged to a safe storage voltage- not shipped fully charged...

The charger in your first post will work fine.
Buy a good 4 button charger when you can. The Accucel 6 is an excellent way to go

Orcoz my vote would be for the Accuclel 6 and a power supply
A little internet googling and you can make one out of an old PC ATX power supply
or just buy any 13.8 v power supply


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I have a similar charger, but without the power supply. But works exactly like the Turnigy one.
I also use a 12V AC-DC adaptor for it. Works great and very super extremely easy to use :) Though I think I'll buy an Accucell 6 or something similar in the future if I have a need for it. DSC03135.JPG