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Turnigy 9X in stock at US warehouse


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I grabbed one last night the minute I got the notice. Been Trying for a YEAR! I could not believe it when It went through and my order states "RESERVED". Woo Hoo!

Yeah, think of it as you need a Ford key for your Ford truck. You can't drive a Chevy with your Ford key.

But this TX comes with a RX to start you off and additional RX's are not that $$...esp. compared to other brands in the 9ch line up.


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Thanks Vegas. I figured as much but I have heard that a Tx company, of whom I do not know the name ,was working on or had made a Tx that was kinda universal to some degree.

The reason for the silly question is I have a friend who has been using a lot of used unreliable equipment and thought this might be a good inexpensive investment for him but he then would have to replace a lot of recievers and in the long run may be expensive for him
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Hobbypartz has them in stock. $89 at your door. I got mine from them last fall when they had the black Friday sales. It was only $60 then. Hopefully they will do that again this year!


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Last time they were in stock (March 30th) mine was placed on order, reserved and printed the next week,
Still waiting for it to be shipped two weeks later.
I suspect that this new stock order will be taken up by back orders and printed tickets.
At the very least it does look like someone is operating a keyboard... somewhere.
thats odd, because i just got this email:

"This is an email from hobbyking's product checker #301.
I would like to inform you that your product(s) have been double checked and are now packed in their box and sent to the dispatch area. Please allow 48hrs for any tracking information to be displayed/updated."

and have a tracking number showing on the order info on the hk site...

could it be because yours is going to canada that its delayed?

EDIT: wow. i just looked at the product page again and its already backordered again. im glad my work hours result in me being up while everyone else sleeps, haha.
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Fred0000. Cheaper yes but I can't even place an order for it to go in the back order file with international.
I knew I was taking a chance. We'll see today if it gets packaged.


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My order is still showing as not being shipped.
And it just arrived at my door!!
Guess I don't need to track it now. Next is the smartieparts upgrade at the end of the month and then after that
the frysky module when it is stocked again.
Just like christmas in April.
My son and I can now fly together or in combat!! Woohoo!!!


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Data entry will catch up with the shipping department eventually.
Which is way better than the other way around.
If their service department was as efficient as their shipping department there would be way less complaints, in my opinion.
I just can't wait to see what this radio will do. If it's half as good as my DX6i I will be a happy pilot.