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turnigy 9X throttle issue


Junior Member
Hoping someone has a simple answer to this problem.

Working on building a nutball with my son - we are almost done and have resolved almost all our issues. The one thing that is bugging us now is the fact that with the Turnigy9X transmitter we have, the throttle does not actually start to turn the motor until it is at about the 50% position. Is there a way to set this so the throttle starts to power the motor at the beginning of the throw?

Any thoughts welcome!

That is actually not a 9x issue but rather a function of esc calibration. Right now your esc straight from factory has no clue as to the throttle range of your tranmitter......watch the flitetest vid....although a different Tx the same principle applies....power Tx up with throttle at full.....then plane.....should have a couple beeps (depending on brand of esc) and then push throttle all the way down.....whaaaalaaaa all calibrated. not really sure why video is not starting where I want it to....but what you are looking for starts at 2:45 in.



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Guys - thanks for your replies - I did follow those instructions when I was first testing my electronics but I may have done something wrong. Is it possible to re-do the steps and have the new settings take effect or are they burned to some sort of permanent memory?

follow the original procedure. The special way you turn it on tells the ESC you are programming it as compared to just turning the power on and waiting for the beeps to end. You can do it as many times as you want.
All that being said, it's never a bad idea to calibrate 9x straight out of box. It is a function of the program that is easily done....I would post a link but as I am typing this out whilst tooling through a school zone.....I was never here lol. Just google 9x calibration....also make sure throttle rate is set at 100...no more, no less