Turnigy 9x Tx/Rx


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Upgraded to a Taranis, so I no longer need my Turnigy 9x. OpenTX 2.1.7 installed, 10-pin header inside the case (soldered to the board) for firmware updates. White display backlight installed. Includes 8xAA holder and 1500mAh LiFe transmitter battery. 8ch receiver included.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I did an antenna mod to make the module truly removable by moving the antenna to the module bay. It required desoldering and re-soldering the antenna. Range on the included module is not great - could need antenna re-soldering. No range issues with other modules such as the Multiprotocol (recommended) or LemonRX/OrangeRX modules (DSM compatible) - I've used both with this.

9x-splash.jpg 9x-opentx.jpg 9x-batt.jpg
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