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Turnigy 9XR Binding and servo Jitter

Hi Guys

I am busy with a new project that requires more than 6 channels (500 Airwolf heli with retracts and nav lights).

I had a AR7000 laying around, and I went through the binding exercise which worked fine.

But when I started setting up the heli I found that the servos has allot of jitter in them almost as if the signal is interrupted. I then used my DX6i with the same RX and all is 100%.

I have my 9XR set to PPM 8CH, all the default settings which according to other forums I researched is the correct settings.

Anybody had a similar issue with binding a 9XR to a AR7000 Spektrum RX?

Thanks in advance.

I am using the OrangeRX DSM2/DSMX module , Turnigy module is FHSS not SPEKTRUM :)

What concerns me is the jitter I get when testing the servos.
@Arno1978 was there any success with solving the issue, i tried binding 9xr with orange dsm2/x module, the led indicates successful bind but no servo movement

what could be wrong?