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Turnigy Bonsai


Junior Member
Hi all,

I'm here for a lot of firsts...

first post.

first plane.

first flight.

Anyway, I've just built and test flown my little Bonsai. Just thought i'd post up my build specs and get some feedback. My initial impressions are it's fast and quite a handful to control(which was kinda the idea with the build I went with). All parts were purchased from hobbyking, and budget was the main consideration(other than speed).

My shopping list.
Turnigy Bonsai
FC 28-05 Brushless Outrunner 2840Kv
TURNIGY Basic 18A v3.1 Speed Controller
2 x HXT500 5g / .8kg / .10sec Micro Servo
5 x 4.3 prop
prop saver
ZIPPY Flightmax 800mAh 2S1P 15-25C

Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 1)

accessory parts
Turnigy balancer & Charger 2S-3S
Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Battery Charger
Nylon T-Connectors 10 Pairs (20pc)
Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) Single Pack

Hobbyking 6ch programming cable was on backorder so i used a usb adaptor from ebay.

CoG balanced out pretty much spot on with no changes, i mounted my esc and wires to the motor on top, everything else in the pre-cut positions. Total flying weight is about 200 grams. I also plan to fit a keychain cam to the front of it once I get a bit better at flying.

All up, about $100 ready to fly. It definately does unlimited vertical(i accidently did on it on it's maiden flight), glides well, but is a bit heavy to fly slow.