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Turnigy Integrated PCB Micro-Quad problem (won't take off and flips...)


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Hello! New to the forum and to the hobby. =)

Trying to build my first quad. Got the Turnigy Integrated PCB Micro-Quad from HK. Got everything on it and think i have it synced. But it won't take off and tips over to the right. Se video:


I've redone some solders, and tried the ESC sync a LOT of times... But still same problem. Any ideas? Where should I start? As you can see there is something fishy with the back right motor. But is it sync? Or should i change the motor? or ESC? Or what? Any ideas are greatly appreciated! =)

Components used:

have a futaba 7c.


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I could be wrong, and I have looked at your video a dozen times, but it appears that your right rear prop is rotating the wrong direction. That is motor number three.


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I really wish it was that simple. =( I've watch the video a few times and it really looks that way, but alas. I've tried removing the props and verifyed with tape and by touch. 1 and 3 are clockwise. 2 and 4 counterclockwise. What i notise then is that nr. 3 feels weaker. It stops wih a light tuch that does not stop the others on same throttle. But is that something worng with the motor, esc or calibration?? Gaahhh!

edit. And thanks a million for taking time to respond! =)


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So, lets start from the simple things...
Try swapping the motors around....
This will point you to the motor or the control side.
I am just getting into this, so I am really at a loss why one motor is not getting enough power...
If it is the control side, IE: the motor swap still has number three lagging power, then swap the number three esc out..
If this all results in no change, then I would suggest recalibrating your P and I gains....
Other people whom are WAY more knowledgable than me should jump in here NOW!
Does this help:


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Excellent ideas! I first changed the nr. 3 motor for the spare one i had. No change. Changed the ESC as well for a brand new one. Now that prop spinns up same as the others. Still no lift and it tipps over to ther left instead. =/

But I think we are getting closer! I have not used a programing card for the ESCs, totally missed that part! Furthermore i have most definently managed to change the settings more or less random in my atempts to sync the escs. Combiend with a brand new esc they might not have the same settings.

I have orderd a programming card, but will try to borrow one tonigt so i can check all settings. Hopefully this will solve my problem and the next post will be written in triumph. =)


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Okey. The solution. Or... what was wrong...

Here is the deal-e-o: The recomended props for the micro quad is:

These were backorder and i tought that any same size prop would do. Got these instead:

Note that it's glow in the dark! =D

Little did i know that they were purly for decoration...

The process of finding this out has been long and arduous. Changed a lot of stuff, redid a lot of solders. Googled a lot. Posted here. =) Today when I went by a buddy to borrow his programing card to look at what the esc settings were I hade a couple of props with me. Since he has a flying microquad we tried my props on his and.. well. Now i see the light. That is: lack of flying on another quad with all the same components.

In conclusion. Don't buy fancy-glow-in-the-dark-not-for-flying-props. Unless that's what you want, and if so i have a few extra over so buy them from me! =P

Thanx again PaulT! Swapping things was the ticket. =) Just more basic than we thougt...

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HK lists them as 5x3 so I would have thought the same as you.
Are they just marked wrong for pitch and got past the multiple quality inspections that are so common with massed produced items?:black_eyed:
Hope to see your maiden soon then?!?!?
The programming card is not a must have item as you can still program individually with your radio as I and many other still do.


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I have had both types of 5X3's from Hobby King. The type they suggest for the micro quad are a much more efficient designed prop than the REALLY BAD ones you first purchased. The first ones are poorly shaped, thin, BADLY balanced when received and break easily. The GOOD ones have a more even airfoil shape to them and work VERY well.