Turning 9x replacement switches


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I bought a Turnigy 9x transmitter as my first transmitter a while ago and recently dropped it. The fall broke two switches on the right front face of the controller one with three positions labeled n,1,2 the other with two positions 0 and 1. The broken switches cause my controller to have a switch error on start up. I assume I could rig the switches to register the correct position and avoid the error since at the moment I am not using them for anything but I would rather replace them all together. Hobby king seems to be out of stock so I was wondering if anyone has information about where I can purchase new switches that will fit the controller. I would suspect the switches are not all that unique and I might be able to get them from an electronic component store like digikey but I wouldn't know which ones are the perfect fit. Any help is appreciated thank you.


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Depending where you are from you could search Amazon (default answer and I am sorry) but your best bet would to go to the main website and look for part numbers for replacement / add on switches. Then check more local or other dealers you know for them or similar. Another good place for all things electronic is Digikey (not even sure if they still exists as I have been out of manufacturing for a long time now) Lastly if one still exists near you Radio Shack has common switches that will drop in or fit style and size usually on hand as I have done that in the past as well.


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Ahhh... if only Radio Shack was still around. They used to carry all sorts of cool dip switches, wires, connectors...